Wireless HotSpots
Wireless Ethernet, or Wi-Fi for short, is the universally accepted standard for wireless networks. Using a Wi-Fi compliant card in your laptop allows you to connect to public hotspots available at many airports, cafe's, hotels, libraries, college campuses, or even in your own home. Better yet are future plans to bring Wireless Fidelity to parks and entire neighborhoods.
We're experts in all types of wireless technology; 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, NLOS, and Laser-based.
Want wireless for your school, office, library, waiting room, or Internet cafe? Even if you don't intend to run a public hotspot, want to restrict access to employees only, or prevent next door neighbors from using your wireless Internet, it can be done securely. Let the experts at People Technology help you!
   Ask us about...   DNS Redirector for your hotspot!


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