What makes People Technology Consulting the better choice for your next project?
  In a few words, Honesty and over 28 years Experience, here's more...
  Not a reseller (intentionally)
Which means we're working to fix the problem, and not motivated to sell you more/replacement technology. We understand the investment you've made in hardware/software and want to make it work. Of course, sometimes things are really broken and replacement has value over the time and cost to repair; so we'll recommend what you need and you're free to purchase from whatever vendor you choose.
  Experts in "remote worker" technology
We know how to implement VPN, Terminal Server, Citrix, and web-based technologies that allow seamless access from home, branch offices, or remote locations. Similarly, we can fix most issues remotely via the Internet without the need for an on-site visit. With this efficient use of technology we can both save fuel.
  Willing to provide all documentation
It's not a secret, we know we did it right. We'll provide all the documentation you want; usernames, passwords, IP addresses, connection info, process mapping - as detailed as you want. This way you'll have the freedom to check our work, have others pick up where we left off, or your in-house IT staff support and replicate the implementation.
  Done right the first time
We don't recommend crappy solutions that keep us coming back. Technology implemented right shouldn't need a constant support staff. Isn't that what systems are for, to make our lives easier?
  Not afraid to hire our replacement as you outgrow consulting
If your company has grown bigger that's a good thing!  We've helped others hire staff ranging from level 1 help-desk, network administrators, project managers, and CIO's.
  Internet filtering solution
Customers with at least one Windows server on-site can benefit from DNS Redirector. This Internet filtering software increases employee productivity while eliminating spyware/malware support calls.
  Your data is your own
We have the integrity and moral decency to never release your data or sell your email to 3rd parties. You're our customer, and we want to keep it that way.
  Only pay for what you use, when you need it
Meaning no monthly retainer or hidden fees. Pay by the hour appointment billing keeps it simple.

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